Dubai is a bustling city with a vibrant real estate market. Housing prices here vary greatly depending on the location, amenities, and time of year. The city boasts a range of housing possibilities, including 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK & Studio Apartments. Among these, studio apartments are currently the trendiest options, as they are easy to maintain compared to all other types of apartments.   

Renters and buyers alike frequently choose these apartments because they are ideal for individuals seeking modest living space, single working professionals, and people who stay alone.   

Finding a budget friendly studio apartments in Dubai can be a bit challenging as Dubai is known for its high living cost. However, certain areas in Dubai are relatively more affordable than other upscale areas. We have scoured through various locations in Dubai to help you find the best studio apartments easily that will not eat up your pocket.    

Read on to end your search for a budget-friendly studio apartment! 

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Affordable Places for Renting Studio Apartments in Dubai

Business Bay

Business Bay is one of the desirable areas in Dubai. Some reasons that make it a popular choice are its accessibility, affordability, and lifestyle. Business Bay is well-connected to various transit points, such as buses, water taxis, and metros. With affordable studios for rent in Business Bay, renters can save up money on utility bills since most of these studios come with energy-efficient appliances and systems.     

Business Bay offers a plethora of entertainment options, such as malls, theatres, restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs. If calm is your vibe, you have green spaces and water areas to relax and take pleasant walks.   

The pricing for studio apartments in Business Bay starts from AED 55,000.   

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

If you wish to live close to many amenities and green areas, Jumeirah Village Circle is the place for you. Some of JVC’s studio apartments feature fully furnished kitchens, spacious living areas, high ceilings, balconies, and parks. It has all the latest amenities while being nestled in a village setting.   

Jumeirah Village Circle offers everything, providing a comfortable and adaptable lifestyle—schools, mosques, fitness centers, clinics, malls, hotels, and more. Renting studio apartment in JVC is an ideal choice for those who prefer quality life at affordable rates.  

The pricing for studio apartments in JVC starts from AED 30,000.   

International City

International City is known for its inexpensive housing options and is a sought-after neighborhood for those looking for budget-friendly studio apartments in Dubai. This dynamic area not only provides affordable housing but also critical community services and a range of establishments such as cafes, restaurants, and conveniently placed supermarkets.   

The best part about this neighborhood is that it is just 18 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, making it ideal for wanderers.   

Furthermore, its proximity to prime locations like Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road makes it simple to get to nearby destinations, including Nad Al Sheba Villas, well-known schools, busy malls, opulent resorts, and the well-liked Dubai Safari Park. 

For those looking for studios for rent in International City, the city offers a warm and friendly atmosphere that accommodates the demands of both singles and families.    

The pricing for studio apartments in JVC starts from AED 23,000. 


Deira is the reason why the Emirate is known as the “city of gold” and has one of the best ranges of economical homes in Dubai. This region has well-established links with crucial parts of the city, including a developed public transport network (with buses and metros).  

Tenants don’t have to travel long distances to grab a quick snack since all the shopping and entertainment options—malls, supermarkets, and pharmacies—are within walking distance. Furthermore, the rent is very low, and this area draws in many young working professionals who want to live privately.   

The pricing for studio apartments in Deira starts from AED 25,000. 

Bur Dubai

This large region includes well-known neighborhoods such as Zabeel, Oud Metha, Al Mankhool, and Umm Hurair. Bur Dubai boasts many rental studios near metro stations.  

Bur Dubai’s dynamic blend of contemporary skyscrapers, roomy villas, and ancient flats draws in a broad crowd of local and foreign visitors. It is easier to travel to, even if cabs are still readily available, thanks to a vast network of RTA public transport options and numerous Dubai Metro stations.   

The pricing for studio apartments in Deira starts from AED 32,000.  

Tips To Find Your Desired Studio Apartment in Dubai

  • Budget: One of the first steps in renting an apartment in Dubai is to set a budget. This budget should include rent and other expenses like security deposits, maintenance fees, and energy bills. Establish a budget you are comfortable with and ensure it is within your means.  
  • Location: When searching for a studio apartment, consider the many parts of Dubai that are recognized for providing reasonably priced housing options.   
  • Property Portal: Harness the power of internet portals that highlight rental properties exclusively to expedite and save time throughout your search. This way, you can locate studio apartments that satisfy your needs in terms of location and type, giving you control over your apartment search. 
  • Consider Renting: If renting a studio apartment is too much for you, you might consider splitting the rent with a roommate. Sharing an apartment when living together is much more economical and much less stressful. Discuss expectations, obligations, and personal preferences to live harmoniously with your future roommate.  
  • Set Priorities for Amenities: List the most important facilities. Consider amenities like an outdoor pool, parking, a gym, and laundry rooms. This will narrow down your options and help you locate a studio apartment that suits your needs and lifestyle.  
  • Examine Neighborhood Safety: Safety is an essential factor to consider when selecting a studio apartment. Check the crime statistics and safety records of the neighborhoods. To keep your mind at ease, look for places with a solid reputation for security.  
  • Access to Transit: Consider the available transit options near the studio apartment. Check for local bus stops, subway stations, and major roads. In the long run, having easy access to transportation can save you time and money by improving the efficiency of your everyday commute.  
  • Visit the Apartment in Person: Whenever possible, visit the studio apartment in person before deciding on anything. This allows you to evaluate the state of the apartment, the structure, and the neighborhood. Pay attention to aspects like overall maintenance, noise levels, and cleanliness to ensure they fulfill your expectations and provide the assurance you require when finalizing. 


It may not seem easy to locate an inexpensive studio apartment in the busy Dubai real estate market. But worry not—we’ve searched the entire city to bring you the most affordable options. There is something for every taste and way of life, from the energetic streets of Business Bay to the quiet nooks of Jumeirah Village Circle and from the exciting International City to the classic elegance of Deira and Bur Dubai.   

Dubai is a location that everyone can call home because of its dazzling buildings, bustling streets, and friendly neighborhoods! 

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