The Dubai Food Festival (DFF) is a two-and-a-half-week long culinary extravaganza organized by Dubai’s Festivals and Retail Establishment. It is a public celebration honoring cuisines from all around the world. For locals, tourists, and explorers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to revel in food, ranging from gourmet dining experiences to street snacks. 

This celebration aims to highlight the city’s unique culinary diversity, resulting from its population of over 200 nationalities.  

DFF, a much-anticipated celebration got underway on April 19, 2024, with a feast of delectable culinary treats—welcoming chefs, foodies, and restaurants to explore exotic flavors, cultural experiences, and innovative dishes.  

If you are in Dubai this month, don’t miss the opportunity to attend this well-acclaimed festival.  

This blog provides an overview of the exciting experiences that await you at DFF 2024.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Dubai Food Festival Dates and Timings

    Block your calendars from 19 April to 12 May for a flavor-filled food excursion at the Dubai Food Festival, held at several venues across Dubai, from high-end malls to iconic restaurants.    

    This year is set to exceed all your expectations with an unmatched gastronomic experience. Get ready to savor a plethora of delights, ranging from fine dining experiences to exquisite cuisine crafted by renowned chefs. Take part in cutting-edge workshops where creativity and culinary expertise collide to create a fantastic food voyage.   

    There is no entry fee; however, the cost of activities may vary.   

    Dubai Food Festival Highlights (Events, Locations & More)

    Foodie Experiences Across Dubai

    Discover the best restaurants and chefs in Dubai’s culinary scene. Savor expertly prepared delights at local eateries, including chef collaborations, invitation-only dinners like chef’s tables and four-hand dinners, lively masterclasses, kid-only programs, and much more. 

    There are some exciting culinary activities for both kids and adults:

    • Chef Collaborations: On April 27th, guests were treated to Chef Dragon and Chef Milan’s magical collaboration. These acclaimed chefs created a fantastic dining experience at 21grams that reflected the region’s gourmet personality. 
    • Experiential Dining: Until May 3rd, you can witness Konjiki Hototogisu’s exclusive menu set featuring vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. The menu has starters like edamame, Shio, or Shoyu Ramen as the main course and Mochi for dessert.  
    • Masterclasses: Three masterclasses are held at the Shang Palace, namely, the Dim-Sum Making Masterclass, the Healthy Smoothie Masterclass, and the Traditional Emirati Meal Masterclass. Families can participate in these masterclasses and learn how to use traditional techniques to make dim sum, prepare a traditional Emirati meal, and learn about smoothie pairing and nutritional benefits. Dim Sum and Healthy Smoothie masterclasses will continue till May 4th, and the Traditional Emirati Meal masterclass is scheduled till May 2nd. 
    • Kids’ Experiences: Kids can join and learn in a wide range of masterclasses, from cookie decorations to pizza making to making a gimbap. Most of the events will conclude on May 1st, while the Pizza-Making masterclass at Boardwalk will be held until May 4th.  
    • Tasting Menus: Guests can partake in the chocolate and coffee tasting experience and relinquish in Spice Route Tasting Board partnered with Gahwa Omee. This event is available till May 4th.   

    10 Dirham Dish

    With the affordable Dubai gourmet, you have an array of specially crafted dishes for just AED10. This theme of offering food on a budget doesn’t just capture the delights of local delicacies but also includes international favorites. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to explore as many food options as possible, with each dish only costing 10 Dirhams.  

     Here are the 9 best eateries in DFF that serve 10 Dirham Dishes:

    1. Bombay Borough  
    1. Hard Rock Cafe  
    1. Gypsy Chinese Restaurant  
    1. Chai Wala Cafe  
    1. The Choco Monarch  
    1. It’s Desi  
    1. Yummy Dosa  
    1. Makira – Dusit Thani Dubai  
    1. Saigon – Taste of Vietnam   

    Dubai Restaurant Week

    Over 50 of Dubai’s most popular dining outlets offer a curated list of dishes at pocket-friendly prices. Prices range from AED 125 for a three-course dinner and AED 250 per person.   

    Whether you are a seasoned eater or a curious explorer, the Dubai Restuarant Week has to offer for everyone:   

    1. Arabic and Emirati Cuisine

    Cafes and Restaurants Serving Lunch & Dinner:

    • Arabian Tea House  
    • AI Mandaloun  

    Cafes and Restaurants Serving Dinner:

    • AI Khaima  

    2. Indian Cuisine

    Cafes and Restaurants Serving Dinner:

    • Carnival By Trèsind  
    • Shamiana  
    • The Crossing  
    • Indya by Vineet  
    • Bombay Borough  
    • India Palace  

    3. International Cuisine

    Cafes and Restaurants Serving Lunch & Dinner:

    • Accents Restaurant and Terrace  
    • Nightjar  
    • Jun’s  

    Cafes and Restaurants Serving Dinner:

    • Hillhouse Brasserie  
    • Carna By Dario Cecchini  

    4. European Cuisine

    Cafes and Restaurants Serving Lunch & Dinner:

    • RARE  
    • 21grams  
    • Maison Mathis  
    • Rhodes W1  

     Cafes and Restaurants Serving Dinner:

    • The Hide  
    • Babushka  

     5. Japanese Cuisine

     Cafes and Restaurants Serving Lunch & Dinner:

    • Uchi  
    • TOMO  
    • ROKA  
    • REIF Japanese Kushiyaki  
    • Kayto  

     Cafes and Restaurants Serving Dinner:

    • Taiko  
    • Sumosan  
    • Matogi  
    • KATA  

    Chef’s Menu

    This is a new and exclusive concept introduced at this year’s DFF. Chef’s Menu is an interactive session where you can meet the brains behind the master meals. In these interactive sessions, the chefs engage with guests, offering insightful behind-the-scenes on making appetizing dishes, turning the event even more intimate and memorable.    

    Dubai Culinary Events

    What should you expect from the 2024 Dubai Food Festival’s gastronomic offerings?  

    Breakfast by the Beach-JBR

    There’s no better way to spend the mornings than sitting at the beach, admiring its beauty, and having breakfast. With over 20 carefully prepared breakfast menus and exclusive deals, JBR offers the best breakfast meal.  

    e& Beach Canteen

    People’s favorite “e& Beach Canteen,” an eating pop-up, is back and here to stay until May 12. Enjoy the wide selection of food options, thrilling activities, and live entertainment to keep your whole family entertained and delighted for hours. On these 18 joyful days, be prepared for nonstop fun, food, and fiesta at this carnival close to Sunset Mall.  

    Unleash your inner foodie character while watching concerts and eating your favorite snack—combine food and fun. When you visit the e & Beach Canteen, you’ll find the most pleasant spot of the year.  

    Satwa Street Food Festival

    Experience the city’s rich flavors only at Satwa Street Food Festival. This excellent dining venue allows people to rejoice in the regional specialties in a lively community setting.  

    Apart from mouthwatering meals, there’s fabulous live entertainment, affordable shopping options, and contests with rewards. You can visit this place with your family and sample popular dishes worldwide.  

    Italian Street Food Festival

    Want to try authentic Italian street food? Visit Bussola to experience a bit of Italian cuisine on your plate. Find savory meals offered by vendors from throughout Italy. Additionally, you can encounter a fusion of classic elegance and modern refined ambiance.   

    This award-winning diner has three concepts in one place, providing an appropriate environment for various occasions.  

    Ending Note

    If you want to try out new eateries and culinary creations, the Dubai Food Festival should be on your list of things to do. This food festival is also ideal for anyone interested in learning about the creative process behind preparing scrumptious dishes; there is something to suit every taste.  

    From workshops and street food to chef collaborations and exclusive dining experiences, this festival provides a fantastic display of Dubai’s diverse culinary scene. 

    If you are planning a week-long stay in Dubai and have made a list of things to do in Dubai during weekend, this festival is the perfect destination to delve into delicious delights and make lasting memories. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q1. At what locations is the Dubai Food Festival going on?  

      While the festival is spread across the city, popular places like Jumeirah Beach, City Walk, and JBR are the main spots. 

    2. Q2. What are the price range of foods at the festival?  

      During Dubai Restaurant Week, participating restaurants offer three-course meals for Dh125 for lunch and Dh150 for dinner. In addition, Foodie Experiences offers various events ranging in price from Dh150 at Eleven Green for an all-you-can-eat breakfast to Dh375 for dinner at 11 Woodfire.  

    3. Q3. How long is Dubai Restaurant Week?  

      The Dubai Restaurant Week is available for 17 days.

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