Dubai is a multinational city where you will find residents and tourists from all around the world. People from over 200 nationalities have made Dubai their home. And therefore, real estate is one of the topmost sectors in Dubai.  

For that large number of individuals who are searching for a home in Dubai, townhouses for sale in Dubai are a popular option. Townhouses in Dubai City are popular among families and young couples. 

Townhouses are more affordable than villas in Dubai and therefore are preferred choices for many investors as well. These exclusive townhouse communities are gaining popularity with buyers and investors. They offer a high standard of living and convenience for residents.  

Many Dubai-based developers have introduced many interesting projects for townhouses in Dubai, and many more are coming. 

So, let’s explore the five most popular areas to buy townhouses in Dubai. But before that let’s look at the different types of townhouses available here in Dubai. 

Different Types of Townhouses in Dubai

While many of us think that Dubai means striking skyscrapers, in reality, it features many villas and townhouses. Furthermore, residents are nowadays shifting from apartments to townhouses in Dubai. They like to enjoy more space, privacy, and open areas.  

Townhouses are a more affordable option as compared to villas in Dubai and thus are in demand. Townhouses in Dubai have set a new standard for quality low-rise living. In the majority of cases, townhouses are multi-story buildings and are connected to some or the other townhouse. However, in a few cases, they are freestanding but have a place with the group undertaking gated communities. 

Townhouses in Dubai come in various styles, sizes, and formats. The most widely recognized styles incorporate Arabic, Mediterranean and contemporary. 

In some cases, residents can enjoy a private garden or backyard, or even a swimming pool in some of the townhouses.   

Townhouses in Dubai for rent come unfurnished. Since they cater to families, some of the townhouses come with 2 to 5 bedrooms. Some townhouses with one bedroom are also available in certain communities, however, they come with gardens and private outdoor swimming pools.    

Five Top-Most Areas to Buy Townhouses in Dubai

You might be wondering why purchasing townhouses in Dubai is better than purchasing a villa. Well, the reason is that buying townhouses is altogether a different experience compared to buying a villa in Dubai.    

While villas are usually detached homes, townhouses are homes with common walls with another unit, which create a sense of community. It is possible to find both attached as well as detached townhouses here in Dubai.  

Another benefit of purchasing a townhouse in Dubai is that you will get seamless access to premium facilities such as swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, and sports courts.  

Although Dubai has its fair share of villa communities, townhouses have the added advantage of being relatively inexpensive and generally low-rise. These aspects can easily be the deciding factors for potential buyers and investors.  

According to our data experts, DAMAC Hills 2 is currently the most popular townhouse community to buy in Dubai, followed by Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubailand, Mudon and Dubai South. 

Presently we should look at the five neighborhoods that made it to our list of favorite places to buy a townhouse in Dubai. 

Damac Hills 2

Damac Hills 2 is very popular among residents looking to buy townhouses in Dubai. This self-contained master community by Damac Properties is located off AI Qudra Road, which is 20 minutes away from Umm Suqeim Street.  

These properties in the area offer residents spectacular views of a golf course, making it one of the top golf communities in Dubai.  

Damac Hills 2 was formerly referred to as Akoya Oxygen, the eco-friendly neighborhood features landscaped gardens, parks, water fountains, and leafy boulevards.  

So, if you are planning to buy townhouses in Damac Hills 2, you are sure to enjoy a peaceful and idyllic lifestyle. You can even examine the floor plans at Damac Hills 2 to better understand the layouts available.  

If we look at the average price of townhouses in Damac Hills 2, then a 3-bedroom townhouse would come at an average price of AED 1Million. For 4 and 5-bed townhouses, respectively, the average price would come to AED 1.3 million and AED 1.6 million.  

The ROI for townhouses stands at 5.75%.  

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Next on our list of popular townhouse areas in Dubai is the suburban neighborhood of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). Residents staying here enjoy many advantages such as fast access to major hotspots like Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.  

The best part of staying in this area is you get properties at affordable sales prices and a large property portfolio sets this community apart.  

JVC is an area that is a growing investment hub. Hence, the demand for properties here in this area is also on the rise. The main consideration behind the notoriety of this area among families is the availability of top schools.    

In addition to this, JVC features more than 30 landscaped parks. You can just go through the JVC floor plans for a better perspective of the townhouse layouts.  

If we talk about the average costs of purchasing townhouses in Jumeirah Village Circle, then the average cost of a 3-bedroom townhouse would come to AED 1.7M and the average cost of a 4 bedroom townhouse would come to AED 2.1M. 

As the healthy ROI would come to 6.2%, it isn’t surprising why property investors are showing very much interest in buying townhouses in JVC.   


Dubailand is the third on our list of top areas for townhouses for sale in Dubai. This nearly 3 billion square meters mixed development is becoming a popular choice for real estate investment in Dubai. Famous attractions like IMG Worlds of Adventure are already in this area. 

Purchasing townhouses in Dubailand allows you to live in an area with a marvelous mix of tourist attractions and residential properties that has top-notch amenities and facilities. To get a better understanding of the available options, you can check with the Dubailand floor plans.  

If we talk about the average sale of townhouses in Dubailand, then the average price of 3 bedroom townhouses for sale in Dubailand would come to AED 1.5M and 4-bedroom townhouses would come to AED 1.9M.  

The average ROI of townhouses in Dubailand would also stand at a healthy 6.24% 


Mudon is another famous area for property investors looking to buy townhouses in Dubai. In the ready and unplanned phase, it offers beautifully designed townhouses with spacious interiors and dedicated parking spaces. Residents will have quick access to premium amenities such as swimming pools, parks, and more. 

Mudon’s neighborhood is self-sufficient, as it has housing grocery stores, pharmacies, nurseries, restaurants, and coffee shops. Since Mudon is a gated community, residents here get the benefit of round-the-clock security.    

If you wish, you can look at Mudon Floor plans for a layout that suits your preferences.  

If we look at the average price to buy townhouses in Mudon, then the average price of a 3-bedroom townhouse would come to AED 2.2M, and the average sales price of a 4-bedroom unit would come to AED 2.96M.  

The average ROI of the Mudon area is 6%.  

Dubai South

Dubai South comes under the 5th position in the list of the most popular areas to buy townhouses in Dubai. This remodeled community was launched in 2006 and is home to the AI Maktoum International Airport.  

Events like the Expo 2020 and Dubai Airshow have been hosted at this place; therefore, it has become the hotspot for investors and homebuyers alike. The residential district here covers 6.7 million square feet. Young parents have a good opportunity when it comes to schools near the developing community.   

The area is quickly gaining popularity and is considered by many to be the next big development in Dubai. You can check the Dubai South floor plan to find the layout you like. 

If we talk about the average price of townhouses for sale in Dubai South, then the average price of a 3 bedroom townhouse would come to AED 1.3M and the average price of 4 and 5-bedroom townhouses would come to AED 1.7M and AED 2.8M.  

The average ROI of townhouses in Dubai South would come to 5.75%.

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