Terms & Conditions

By the use of www.properties.market or the mobile app of ours of the digital platform (collectively our “Website”), you would confirm that you have read, understood and you have accepted the Terms of Using as the terms that govern your access towards and the use of this Service and website and you agree on complying with them. If you don’t agree or accept to comply the Terms, you need not use the said website. Moreover, while using a part of the service, you would agree to conforming towards any of the applicable posted guidelines for such kind of Service, something that may change or get deducted or even be updated from time and again according to the sole discretion of the Company.

In case you are a company that advertises on our website, you would be required to put in additional conditions and terms set out in the agreement, however, please take a note that all these Terms would still apply also must be read together with any other type of agreement that you come into making with the Company.


    The below mentioned terms would have the following meaning, other than where the context would otherwise need:

    • 1.1 Advertisement Agreement – an agreement that comes for the provision of advertising products or services entered into amongst the Client and the Company.
    • 1.2 Package of Ad Service – the bundle of advertising service or products which the said company would agree to provide to the said Customer, as has been set out in the relevant kind of order that is provided by the Company also signed by our client to put an order to the package of Ad Services that is pursuant to the said Terms and also the terms under the Agreement of Advertising.
    • 1.3 “Affiliates” – any Company that gets controlled or is owned by the Company, any of the company controlled or is owned by this Company and any of its groups jointly offering some of the Services.
    • 1.4 “Client” – the client entity that is party to this Agreement on Advertising.
    • 1.5 “Customer”- Any kind of customer to the said Client.
    • 1.6 “Effective Date” – The date that is set put at the top of all the said Terms.
    • 1.7 “Rights to Intellectual Property” – All the intellectual property, that includes patents, rights, trade marks, rights to database and rights in data, design rights, topography and copyrights (be it or not any of the said rights that are registered, also including applications along with the right to apply for the registration of any such kind of rights) and all the inventions, rights in the know-how, confidential information, and trade secrets, supplier lists and customer lists and other knowledge that is proprietary and the information plus all the rights under consents and licenses related to any such kind of rights and all sorts of rights also forms of protection of similar kind or having equivalent or some similar effect to any kind of similar situation might subsist anywhere around the world for the entire term, that includes any kind of renewals plus extensions.
    • 1.8 “Material” – Material plus the content published in the said website or even otherwise that is provided by this Company in connection to the Service.
    • 1.9 “Privacy Policy” – the privacy policy of the said Company from time to time.
    • 1.10 “Product” – An online Advertising platform that is classified given on the Ad Services Package and the website.
    • 1.11 “Posting Agents” a third-party agent, intermediary or service that would offer to post Material to all the Service on other party’s behalf.
    • 1.12 “Registration Details” – the details that a User needs to give on registration for the website time and again (for instance: name, email, phone numbers, age and/or address, etc.)
    • 1.13 “Service” – the provision of the Product and the website.
    • 1.14 “Unacceptable” – any kind of material or any information uploaded to or even made available on the said website under any jurisdiction’s law from where the said website may be accessed could be considered:
    • 1.15 Illicit, illegal, obscene, indecent, offensive, racist, pornographic, insulation, pedophilic, false, insulting, misleading, unreliable, potentially harmful or harmful to the minors, libelous, threatening, alleged that or is actual defamatory or pertains to infringement of the rights of the third-party (or be it of whatever nature also including, without having limitation, any kind of Rights on Intellectual Property), being invasive of another Party’s right or privacy, to encourage or relate to illegal gambling or money laundering;
    • 1.16 Breaching in any kind of applicable regulations, codes or standards of practice (notwithstanding that the said compliance may not remain compulsory);
    • 1.17 In contravening the legislation, that includes without the limitation, that would be related to weapons, alcohol or animals, or
    • 1.18 “User Material” – material also the content that is posted on this website by any User or in other ways provided to the Company by any User in connection with this Service or website.
    • 1.19. General kinds of Terms and Conditions which would apply to the Users
    • 2.1. In registering for the said website, the User would certainly have provided accurate, true, current, also complete Registration Details which this User must at all time update after any kind of changes (other than age) prior to using the website for further future services.
    • 2.2 The said User hereby consents plus acknowledges that the said website may contain certain advertisements put forward by advertisers or even companies in the course of business for services or goods (and whereby the Company undertakes no kind of responsibility for). Companies or advertisers utilising the Service or the website towards the purpose of placing adverts offering certain services or goods of any business either by the size, content, place, or format of the advertisement or through including words like “wholesale”, “agent”, “dealer”, “trade”, or similar in the name of the advert the Company is submitting for publication.
    • 2.3 The User would hereby warrant also represent to the Company that it remains at least eighteen years old also is legally in a position to enter into such contracts.
    • 2.4 The Company would reserve the discretion of withdrawing any User Material or Material from the said website would be recorded by the said Company yet this information get disclosed to the third parties (otherwise or maybe on an anonymous, aggregated basis, or in accordance with the Clause written after this) nor is used for any of the purpose that is unrelated to this website. Through agreeing to the said Terms, you would expressly give us the permission of verifying the authenticity of the User’s details by making a phone call on the number you submitted to our Company. The call might be recorded for assurance of quality plus training purpose
    • 2.5 The Registration Details of the User and also the data that relates to its use of this website would be recorded by the by this Company but, the said information shall never be disclosed to any of the third parties (else than on a aggregated, and anonymous basis, or being in accordance with our Privacy Policy or rather in accordance with the next clause mentioned below) not used for any of the purpose that is unrelated to this website. By being in agreement with the terms, you would expressly give us the permission to verify the real authenticity of all your details by calling you on the given phone number that you have submitted to us. The call could be recorded for assuring quality.
    • 2.6 The User would hereby authorise the said Company towards using any information which it would submit to the website so that you remain informed of the special offers, usual third-party offers also for all other marketing and allied purposes. Without any prejudice to the previous clause, the Company would not use User data for any other purpose than what has been set out in the said Terms and Conditions other than the fact that the Company could disclose this kind of data in case you are compelled towards doing so by law, or through the request of a governmental authority or enforcement agency.
    • 2.7 In case the User does not wish the said Company to use its SMS/mobile number or email address to send all information regarding the website also related matters, the User needs to send an email message to the legal team of the properties.market and ensure that he/she has inserted unsubscribe as the subject heading of such kind of message.
    • 2.8 You need to keep confidential any kind of user identification and the password details given or set-up to you as part of our intense security procedures also must not disclose them to any of the third-party.
    • 2.9 The Company would reserve the right of suspending or terminating a User’s account in which place, through absolute discretion, it identifies that the User has breached the said terms or deems that such termination or suspension is quite appropriate. In an event that there is such termination or suspension, the Company would notify the User by email also the User should not seek on registering on any of the website either through direct means or indirectly via a related entity. The rights of the Company under this clause shall never prejudice any other kind of right or even remedy the Company might have in respect to any kind of breach, or maybe any rights, liabilities or obligations accrued before to this kind of termination or suspension
    • 2.10 To avoid any kind of doubt, the Company is giving you service and not goods.
    • 2.11 The properties.market owns all kinds of Intellectual Property Rights that is in also associated with the Service and the website, including and without limitation, any kind of trade names, trademarks, designs, graphics, along with the arrangement and selection thereof. Nothing that is contained in the website needs to be constructed as that of granting by application or otherwise, any right or license towards using any trademark that is displayed on the website without the Company’s written permission. You could print off one of the copy, and could download extracts, of any of the page(s) from the website towards your personal use also you could draw the attention of others to the content that is posted on the website, however you must never modify the paper or digital copies of any of the materials you have downloaded or printed off in any possible way, and you should never use any of the photographs or videos separately from any of the accompanying text. You would agree that you will never circumvent, interfere or otherwise disable with security concerned features in the website but the User must never modify the paper or digital copies of any kind of materials you have downloaded or printed off in any manner, and you would use any of the photographs or even videos separately from accompanying any kind of text. You agree that you will not circumvent, interfere, or otherwise with the features that pertain to security of the website or even the features that restrict or prevent using of or copying the Materials or even enforce limitations on using of the Materials and website therein. The Material displayed on or even through the Service remains protected by the Copyright as one collective work or/and compilation, pursual to copyrights laws, plus other laws, also the international conventions. Any kind of reproduction, creation, modification, of derivative works from or of the redistribution of the website, the collective work, or compilation or the Materials is expressly prohibited. Reproducing or Copying the website, the Materials, or any portion thereof for future and more redistribution or reproduction remains expressly prohibited.
    • 2.12 The Company takes actual and reported infringement of the Intellectual Rights to Property also fraud extremely seriously also while Users can’t hold this Company liable related to such kinds of issues, the Company would request all its Users to report such kinds of matters immediately to the Company, also the Company would inform the required right kind of people concerned.
    • 2.13 In case you are an owner possessing the Intellectual Property Rights or some kind of an agent who remains fully authorized that he/she can act on behalf of this Intellectual Property Rights owner and also believe that any kind of Material or other content infringes on your Intellectual Property Right or the owners Intellectual Property Rights on whose behalf you would be authorized towards acting, you could submit a notification to this Company along with the request to the said Company so that that relevant material could be deleted in good faith. The notification along with the request has to contain the following information:
    • 2.13.1. A physical or electronic sign of an individual authorized that he/she could act on behalf of the owner of one exclusive right that is infringed allegedly
    • 2.13.2. Identification of the Intellectual Property Rights that is claimed to be infringed, or, in case multiple Intellectual Property Rights could be covered through a single notification, a representative list of all such works
    • 2.13.3. Identifying the Material (through link to data communication, etc.) that has been claimed to be the subject of infringing activity or infringing and that would be accessed or removed has to be disabled also the information should be reasonably sufficient so as to permit the Company of locating the Material
    • 2.13.4 Information that is quite reasonably sufficient so as to permit the Company so that it can contact you, like an address, electronic email address, or a telephone number
    • 2.13.5. A kind of signed statement that this Intellectual Property Rights owner has considered the Company harmless from any kind of claim of any kind of third-party that is in connection with the Company that removes the relevant content; also
    • 2.13.6. A kind of signed statement that mentions that you have a good faith and belief that the utilization of the Material in the pattern or manner complained of isn’t authorized by this Intellectual Property Rights proprietor, the law, or its agent
    • 2.13.7. A statement that is signed regarding the information in the notification being accurate and remaining under the penalty of perjury that you remain authorized so that you act on behalf of the owner of some kind of exclusive right that remains infringed allegedly.
    • 2.14. All the notification s under the Clauses 2.13 and 2.14 has to be sent to the legal team of the Company
    • 2.15. The following kind of restrictions shall essentially apply to all the Users. You need to:
    • 2.15.1. Not utilize the website or even the Service in any kind of unlawful pattern, for any kind unlawful needs, or in any kind of manner that is inconsistent with the said Terms, or act maliciously or fraudulently, for instance, by hacking into else inserting of malicious code, like the viruses, or even the harmful data, into any Service or website or any kind of operating system
    • 2.15.2. Not transmit any kind of material that is designated to damage, interrupt, limit, or destroy the website functionality or even the Service
    • 2.15.3. Usage of any kind of computer program or automated device (at times referred to as the “flagging tool”) that would enable the usage of the Company’s “flagging system” or some other control system of the community without each of the flag being entered manually by any human that initiates this flag (a flagging device that is automated) or using any such tool of flagging so that competitor’s posts can be removed, or remove the posts of other third parties without a proper good faith belief that this post that is being flagged would violate these terms or any kind of regulation or law
    • 2.15.4. Not utilize any kind of automated software towards viewing the Service without the consent of us (which would include using spiders, crawlers, robots, tools of data mining, or similar kinds, to scrape or download data from the Service, other than for the internet search machines (e.g., Google) also non-commercial archives that are public (for instance archive.org) that would comply with our file of robots.txt also only access this Service manually
    • 2.15.5. Not use the said Service other than exclusively for your own personal utility or as one agent listing property that is up for sale also to rent
    • 2.15.6. Not to attempt to copy any kind of Material or even reverse engineer any kind of processes without the consent of the Company
    • 2.15.7. Not to use any of the Service in any possible manner that is illegal, harmful or illegal to the Company
    • 2.15.8. Not to use any kind of Service that breaches any policy or other notice on this website
    • 2.15.9. Not to remove or alter any of the copyright notices that would appear on the website
    • 2.15.10. Not to publish any of the User Material which probably is or may remain unacceptable or even that may encourage any kind of breach of relevant kinds of regulations or laws
    • 2.15.11. Not to interfere with any other User’s enjoying of the website or even Service
    • 2.15.12. Not to conduct yourself in any offensive or rather abusive manner while using the Service or website
    • 2.15.13. Not to contact anyone who has not been asked should not be contacted, or even create unsolicited contact with any person for any kind of commercial reason, specifically, or contact any kind of User towards posting advertisement on a website that is third-party or even post any kind of advertisement on behalf of such a User
    • 2.15.14. Not ever collect personal information regarding other entities or users for unlawful or commercial purposes
    • 2.15.16. Not to transmit any kind of User Material
    • a. Degrades, harasses, is hateful, or intimidates or remains hateful towards any kind of group of individuals or individual based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, or ethnicity
    • b. Would include personal or such identifying information regarding another individual without taking explicit consent of the individual
    • c. Would impersonate any entity or person, that includes, but is not limited to, a single company employee, or even falsely states or also otherwise misrepresents any kind of affiliation with any person or entity
    • d. Remains protected by patent or copyright, protected via trademark or trade secret, or even otherwise is subjected to a third-party right that are proprietary including publicity and privacy rights, unless you become the owner of such kinds of rights or receive permission or a license from that of the rightful owner so that you could post the material also to grant the Company entire portion of the license rights that have been granted
    • e. Would infringe any of the said foregoing Rights to Intellectual Property of any of the party, or is the User Material that the User does not possess the right of making available under any kind of legal jurisdiction, contractual, regulation, or even fiduciary relationship(s)
    • f. Constitutes or consists of “jokes”, “pyramid schemes”, “affiliate marketing” code to link referral” “spam”, “junk mail”, bait marketing”, “chain letters”, negative marketing option”, “referral selling” or some kind of unsolicited advertisements that comes of a commercial nature
    • g. Constitutes or even contains any kind of solicitation or advertising in case: (i) posted in the categories or areas of the website which are never designated for these kinds of purposes; or (ii) e-mailed to the users in the Company who requested not to be contacted about different other services, commercial interests or products; and
    • h. Includes all kinds of links towards the commercial services or even the websites of the third-party, except that which has been specifically allowed by the said Company.
    • 2.16. By submitting the User Material on this website or other, the User would grant the Company a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable also non-exclusive right also license of displaying, distributing, reproducing, modifying and editing the User Material. The Company would not pay the said User any fees whatsoever for the reserves and User Material the right that is in its solitary discretion so as to remove or edit this User Material at any point in time. The User would represent and warrant that it comes with all consents, rights and/or the authorizations in respect of the User Material needed to grant the Company these rights.
    • 2.17. The Company would permit the User to post all the User Material on the said website that aligns with the procedure of the Company provided that the material isn’t misleading, illegal, abusive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or otherwise objectionable in any way to the Company. You must never post any kind of Unacceptable material and also in respect of any User Material that you post, you would warrant the fact that it isn’t Unacceptable.
    • 2.18. The Company would grant you a limited, non-inclusive, revocable, license towards use and access of the Service for personal usage. This kind of license that is granted herein doesn’t include any kind of conditions of the mentioned: (a) use of or access to the Service by the Posting Agents; or (b) any kind of collection, copying, duplication, aggregation, derivative, or display use of such Services nor any kind of use of robots, data mining, spiders, or similar kind of extraction and data gathering tools for any purpose unless it is expressly permitted through the Company or as is otherwise placed fourth in the said Terms. Notwithstanding the general, foregoing purpose, the online search engines also the non-commercial public archives that collect information for the only purpose to display hyperlinks towards the Service, given each of them do such from one stable IP address or even a range of IP addresses with the help of IP archives that captures information for the single focused purpose to display hyperlinks towards the Service, the condition being they each can do so from one stable IP address or even a range of IP addresses with the help with the help of one easily identifiable agent also comply with our robots.txt file, might engage in those activities set fourth in the next (b). For the purposes of this exception, an “internet search engine with general purpose” does not come with a search engine or website or other kinds of service that would specialize in the classified services of ad listings. The license that is set fourth in the clause 2.20 would allow you to display on your own website, or even create a hyperlink thereto, individual postings on the said Service so long as this kind of use is for news reporting and/or non-commercial purposes like that of usage in the personal blogs or even other personal online media). The Company could limit the number of listings that is displayed on or is linked to your website. Using of the Service beyond the possibility authorized access as has been placed fourth in the Terms and immediately terminates any kind of license or permission granted herein. In order for collection, aggregation, copying, duplicating, displaying, or making derivative use of the Service or any kind of Material that is made available through the Service for many other purposes (including the ones in commercial purposes) that has not been stated herein, you most necessarily first acquire a license from the said Company.
    • 2.19. The Company would offer a service that comes to be known as “Featured Ads” where many users might pay some non-refundable fee so that their ads are posted in selected locations on this website, so as to potentially increase the visibility of the ads. In order to buy a Featured Ad, you could be needed to transmit some information through one third-party provider of service, a third-party website, Click & Buy, that could be governed by its personal terms of use also other policies. The company would make no guarantee or representation as about the security or safety of the transmitted information to any of the third-party website, also you're linking to any kind of third-party website is totally at your personal risk, also the Company disclaims all kinds of liability thereto.
    • 2.20. The Company might also employ some kind of third-party provider to process payments of credit cards for the users that use the Product(s) or the Services provided. Such kind of third-party provider might have access to the personal information that is provided by the Users that use the service or Product(s) provided. Such kind of third-party provider may receive access towards personal information that users provide so as to perform their functions, however, may not use it for any other kind of purpose. The Company would not have to access or retain any kind of payment information of the Users.
    • 3. Paid Postings
    • 3.1. The Company could charge a fee so that Material could be posted in certain specific Service areas. The fee allows Paid Material to get posted in a specified area of this website. Each party that is posting the Paid Material towards the service remains responsible for the compliance and Material with the said terms. Any such kind of fees that is paid hereunder remain non-refundable in case any Material gets removed from the said Service for violating the said terms. Additional terms about Paid Material would be completely stated in the applicable section(s).
    • 4. Posting Agents
    • 4.1 The Company would prohibit the use of all Posting Agents, indirectly or directly, without the Company’s expression written permission. Moreover, Posting Agents would not be permitted to post Material on other’s behalf, indirectly or directly, or else access the Service so that you can post Material on behalf of other people, except through written license or permission from the said Company.
    • 5. Policy of No Spam
    • 5.1. You understand completely and agree that to send unsolicited email advertisements or other types of unsolicited communications towards the Company addresses or even through the Company’s PCs are thoroughly prohibited by the said terms.
    • 5.2. Any kind of unauthorized use of the Computer Systems of the Company is a serious violation of these Terms plus certain applicable legalities, specifically the Cybercrime legislations. Such kind of violations could subject this sender and his/her agents to the civil also criminal penalties. Kindly note that the Cybercrimes legislation carries some significant penalties that includes imprisonment. In an event you intend on soliciting or contacting our Users through obtaining their phone numbers or email from our website, we could report this kind of behavior to the authorities relevant, who then maybe would decide about prosecuting you under the laws relevant.
    • 6. Limitations (Liability)
    • 6.1. The Company shall not remain liable for any kind of:
    • 6.1.1. Indirect, special, consequential losses or huge amounts of damages (even when the Company has been given the advice of the possibility of this kind of losses or damages)
    • 6.1.2. Loss in profits
    • 6.1.3. Loss in business
    • 6.1.4. Either loss of or corruption to data
    • 6.1.5. Loss of utility
    • 6.1.6. Loss in production
    • 6.1.7. Losing of Contract
    • 6.1.8. Losing an opportunity
    • 6.1.9. Losing some savings. Rebate or discount (be it anticipated or actual)
    • 6.1.10. Losing goodwill or harm towards reputation
    • 6.1.11. Losing of anticipated savings
    • (in the cases of clauses 6.1.2 to 6.1.11 all inclusive, be it direct or indirect, however coming up has been suffered by any of the User arising in any possible way and in connection with the said Terms or for any kind of liability of any User to any kind of third-party.

    • 6.2. The limitations arising at Clause 6.1 shall at the same time apply regarding the damages incurred by some reason of all other services or of products received with the help of or has been advertised in relation/connection with the website or even the Service or any kinds of links on to the website, also by reason of any kind of information, advice or opinions advertised in connection with or received through the website or even the Service or any other kinds of links to the Service or website.
    • 6.3. The limitations in the said Clause number 6 should apply to a complete extent allowed legally. You would specifically acknowledge also agree that this Company shall not be liable for any kind of user submissions or the illegal, offensive, or defamatory conduct third-party or user and that risk of damage or harm from the foregoing rests totally with you.
    • 6.4. Whilst the Company would take all kind of reasonable attempts at excluding viruses from this website, it can’t guarantee such kind of exclusion also no kind of liability would be accepted for the viruses. The User is highly recommended of taking all kinds of appropriate safeguards before downloading or accessing any Material or information from this website.
    • 6.5. The website would include materials and information uploaded by the other users of this website. The said information along with these materials haven’t been verified or even approved by the Company plus the Company shall never be liable towards any material which could be unacceptable. You could be further exposed to Material that is inaccurate, indecent, defamatory, libelous, offensive, objectionable, defamatory, and as far as our law allows, along with subject to the Clause no 6.11, you would agree towards waiving, and would hereby do waive, any kind of equitable or legal rights or even remedies you have or may even have against the said Company with respect thereto
    • 6.6. The Company never guarantees that the website would always remain accessible, timely, uninterrupted, secure, free from Computer virus, error free, or other kinds of invasive or even damaging code or even that the website would always remain acceptable, timely, uninterrupted, error free, secure or being short of necessary materials, power of the telecommunications, equipment facilities, lack of facilities or equipment of telecommunications also failure of telecommunications or information technologies. The Company could restrict or withdraw or suspend the availability of all/any portion of the website for the reasons of business and operation and shall in any way not be liable towards any sort of interruption towards the Service, be in intentional or no. We would recommend that you keep a backup any data and content used in relation with the website, so as to protect yourself in events of problems with the Service or website.
    • 6.7. The company is in no way responsible for the indirect or direct consequences of any User linking to any other the other website with the website and hasn’t approved any such kinds of websites or the kind of material information that is available from them.
    • 6.8. The Company in no way remains responsible for the indirect or direct consequences of a User linking to any website other than this from this website and has not approved such linked websites or the information or information that is available from them.
    • 6.9. The Company never guarantees, warrants or represents that the kind of information accessible through the website is complete, current or accurate. The Company would come with no liability whatever in respect to any kind of use which the said user makes out of such information. The website, the Service, and usage of all related facilities have been provided on a basis of as is availability without warranties be it implied or express.
    • 6.10. The Service and the website have not been built (and Material has not been written) to meet all the individual needs of User and it is this User’s single-handed responsibility towards satisfying itself before entering any kind of decision or transaction that this website, the Material and the Service are suitable towards its purposes.
    • 6.11. None of the clauses herein should apply so that liability for death can be restricted for personal injury or death resulting out of the negligence of this Company or the appointed agents.
    • 6.12. The website is rather controlled also offered by the said Company from all the facilities existing in UAE and Dubai. The Company would make no warranties or representations that this website is apt to be used in several other locations. Those who use or access the website from several other jurisdictions do such at their own risk plus volition and remain responsible for compliance with the local law.
    • 7. Indemnity
    • 7.1. The User would agree to indemnify, defend, plus hold harmless this Company, the properties.market along with each one of their officers, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors, assigns, officers, agents, directors, service providers, employees, and suppliers, from also against any kinds and all claims, obligations, losses, and damages (be it indirect, direct, or even consequential), costs or debt, liabilities, and also expenses (that includes but will not be limited to the fees of attorneys) coming out of (a) your rather improper using of, or your being unable to use, the Service or website, (b) your breach towards any provision of the said Terms; or/and (c) your violating any of the third-party right, that includes without having limitation to any trademark, trade secret, trademark, or privacy right or other property. As far as your law would allow, this kind of indemnification or defense obligation would survive termination, expiration, modification or expiry of these Terms and your utilization of the Service and the website.
    • 8. Property for Rent and Property for Sale for the Rent Categories on The website
    • 8.1. If you would be listing a property on the said website, your obligations would be as follows:
    • Brokers
    • 8.1.1. You would warrant that you possess some valid license from the RERA, or its equivalent in the UAE in which you would be advertisement.
    • 8.1.2. In case a project is off the plan (indicating under construction), you would warrant that the said project has been registered with the RERA.
    • 8.1.3. In case you are engaging in the subleasing activities, you would warrant that you come with a license for the activity that includes “Leasing plus Management of the Property of Other Property” from both RERA and local Real Estate Development Authorities.
    • 8.1.4. In case you are engaging in the subheading activities, you would warrant that you would possess a license for this activity that includes Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing.
    • 8.1.5. As per the regulations in RERA, you most necessarily obtain approval for every kind of sale or advertisement on leasing (located outside and within of the Country) also display the permit number of RERA, Registration Number of Office and Registration Number of the Broker on all the advertisements.
    • Developers
    • 8.1.6. You would warrant that you come with a valid license from that of RERA, or something equivalent in the Country where you are advertising.
    • 8.1.7. In case a project goes off the plan (is under construction), you warrant that it would be registered with RERA plus hold one RERA approved Escrow Account for the said project.
    • 8.1.8. According to the RERA regulations, you would have to obtain approval for all the property advertisement (located inside the premises or outside of Dubai) also display this RERA Permit on all your advertisements.
    • Landlords and Owners
    • 8.1.9. You would warrant that you remain the landlord/owner of the said property, or even otherwise possess valid kind of authorisation to list all the property on its own website.
    • 8.1.10. In case you are engaging in a Holiday or Short-term Home Lease, you would warrant that you have a license for the said activity from DTCM.
    • Tenants
    • 8.1.11. You would warrant that you have valid and written consent from your landlord prior to advertising on the Said website, and that you would be legally entitled towards publishing such kind of advertising.
    • All Advertisers
    • 8.1.12. You may merely advertise properties that are presently available for the lease and sale. It is at the discretion of the Company to remove any of the listings (advertising fees would not be refunded).
    • 8.1.13. You will warrant that the said advertisement doesn’t contain any language that is unlawful, or use of certain premises that includes:
    • a. Deceptive, misleading, or defamatory statements
    • b. Sharing of certain property that would exceed limits of lawful occupancy (including, but is not limited to, multi-family use and bachelor accommodations)
    • c. Sharing of some property between the unrelated members of opposite sex
    • d. Sharing of any kind of property in any kind of manner that has been deemed unlawful; also
    • e. Any other kind of language that would promote immoral or illegal activities under the laws of the Country
    • 8.1.4. In case you would be listing a property on any of the said website, your obligations remain as follows:
    • a. The advertisements of the Company would include real properties for rent or sale. This Company isn’t a real estate brokerage and property details available in the website are given to us by the third-party brokerage, developers, owners, or landlords
    • b. The Company would not verify the property listing detailed instructions that are provided to us via third parties, also makes no warranties or representations about their accuracy or even completeness
    • c. You, who is the User of this website, must be able to conduct your own kind of due diligence and must never reply on the given details in these advertisements, finally
    • d. The Company at all times would verify the RERA number of license of all the companies that indulge in property brokerage before allowing them to do advertising on the website
    • 9. Real Estate Brokers Call Recording
    • 9.1. Some of the real estate brokers under RERA that place advertisement on our website would subscribe to a service where the property listing has a highly unique identified telephone number and the call gets automatically recorded for all kinds of training and quality purposes. By using the Services, you would expressly agree that your phone call would be recorded when you call any Broker regarding advertisements in the category of Property of the website and you would agree that no further kind of consent or warning is needed.
    • 10. Packages on Ad Services
    • 10.1. In case you are a Customer, Client, or any of their directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, or sub-contractors, the following types of additional terms would also be effective:
    • 10.1.1. The Company could publish on the said website, any kind of information supplied or enabled available to the Company through the Client or on behalf of the Client. The Client would acknowledge plus agree that the Company shall never be regarded as being in breaching of any kind of obligation of confidentiality because of the publication of this kind of information.
    • 10.1.2. The Company might have made operational changes towards the Ad Services Package along with individual products under it at any point in time. The Company would use reasonable trials towards providing notifications of the material changes by posting a kind of message on the website or through informing this Client.
    • 10.1.3. Subject to the Clause no 6.11, under no circumstances shall the liability of the Company regarding the Ad Services Packages to the Client, irrespective of the cause of the losses and the action suffered by the Client, exceed 20,000 AED.
    • 11. GENERAL
    • 11.1 Subject to the Clause no 5.2, the said Terms, the Privacy Policy also any other of the expressly document that is documented constitute the complete agreement that exists between you as well as the Company also neither party has kept reliance on any of the representation that is made by the next party unless this kind of representations gets expressly included in the said terms. Nothing in the said Clause 11.1 shall ever relieve either of the party of the liability for fraud misrepresentations also neither party shall have the entitlement towards any remedy for either any kind of negligent or any kind of innocent misrepresentation other than to the limit that (if any) that any court or an arbitrator might allow reliance on the same thing as remaining fair also reasonable.
    • 11.2. The Company would reserve the right of assigning or subcontracting any or all the rights also obligations under the said Terms. The User might not assign or otherwise transfer the rights or even obligations under the said Terms without any prior written consent from the Company.
    • 11.3. Any kind of notice that is provided by the pursuant towards these Terms may get served personally or through email to the last known addressee of the email. It is the responsibility of the Users to promptly update to the company regarding any of the changes of the email address or postal address. Such notice shall remain deemed to have been duly served on and received by the addressee, while served personally, at such time of such a service or when sent through email 24 hours post the email has been delivered.
    • 11.4. Any kind of delay or even forbearance by this Company towards enforcing of any of the provisions of these Terms or any of its rights hereunder shall never be construed as waiver beyond its reasonable control or from any of the acts of God, regulations or acts of regulations of any kind of supra-national or governmental authority.
    • 11.5. The headings in the said terms are particularly for the convenience and shall never any contractual or legal significance.
    • 11.6. These Terms shall get governed by also construed according to the law of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), UAE, and the parties would submit to the highly exclusive IDFC court jurisdictions, only for the fact that the Company could take actions in any of the relevant jurisdictions towards enforcing its Rights to Intellectual Property. You would agree that any kind of cause of action brought by you coming out of or is related to your usage of the Service and/or the website has to commence within such reasonable time and in any of the event within one year post the accrual of cause of action.
    • 11.7. These Terms shall at all times inure towards the benefit of and remain binding on the successors’ party.
    • 11.8. In case the said Terms get translated into any other kind of language and there remains a discrepancy between the text of other vernacular languages and English text, the version of the English text would prevail.
    • 11.9. All of the website design, graphics, text, plus the selecting and arrangement thereof are within Copyright Act.

Privacy Policy

We consider your privacy rather seriously and remain highly committed towards protecting the privacy of every visitor and subscribers of our website www.properties.market (the “Website”) or any kind of application that we make available using an app store (the “App” along with the website, the “Platform”), along with the corresponding services available through this platform (the “Services”).

Underneath we have set out our privacy policy, which would govern the manner in which we would process any kind of personal information that you would provide to us. We would notify you in case the way in which you would process your information is to alter or change at any point in time.

Kindly read the given privacy policy carefully because it consists of significant information that you would give to us. We would notify you in case the in which we process your information is going to change at any point in time.

Kindly read this policy on privacy really carefully as it consists of highly significant information about who we actually are and how we collect, use, store, and share all your information. When you access the platform or use our Services or are otherwise indicating your consent, you would agree to, also where required, consent towards the collection, use plus transfer of your information as has been set out in the said policy. In case you do not accept the said terms of the said policy, you must never use this platform or/and the Services. The present privacy policy supplements all other privacy policies and notices, and it is not intended that you override them.

The Privacy Policy: (i) Applies only towards the platform and never to the applications and websites of any other organizations or companies; and (ii) particularly addresses all our obligations that is pursuant to the law of the UAE.

The kind of data we collect from you

The time when you visit the website or this Application or even create a login along with a password so that Services can be accessed, you might be asked to provide information regarding yourself. This could include: (i) your contact and name and all the details, including telephone number and email address; (ii) information that you could enable us towards checking and verifying your identity; (iii) location data; (iv) all kinds of billing information, payment and transaction history and information; and (v) such that other information as we could from time and again provide the Services also comply with all the applicable law. You would agree and, also where needed, provide consent towards the collection of information regarding your using the platform from the comforts of mobile technology.

The calls between Properties.market and you, or between the third parties and you made through our Company, Properties.market (like that of your tablets, mobile phones, or other electronic devices). Unless such time you have thought of remaining anonymous using your platform and/or device settings, this kind of information could be collected also used by us rather automatically in case you use the Services plus access this platform from the mobile technology.

This privacy policy will also apply when accessing the Platform and/or the Services from mobile technology (such as mobile phones, tablets or other devices). Unless you have chosen to remain anonymous through your device and/or platform settings, this information may be collected and used by us automatically if you use the Services and access the Platform from mobile technology.

The calls that between you and Properties.market along with the third parties made using PropertiesMarket (like that of agents in real estate that you contact regarding your property using a link or a form on our website, or by using the contact information found on the website), could be recorded or monitored for all kinds of customer service purposes and quality assurance. Properties.market uses all kinds of third-party service providers so that they can track calls plus text messages that happens between you and that of the professionals on real estate so that we along with the professionals of real estate can access some of the details regarding the contact. As portion of this entire process, Properties.market along with its service provider would receive in the real time and also store data regarding your call or text messages, that includes the time and date of the text message or call, your mobile number, along with the context within the text message.

Parties we will share your personal information with

Your personal information that includes your name, your address, also any other kinds of details you give to us (which would concern you as one individual) may get processed both through us also other companies within our age group. Each one of the companies within our group who are authorized to process all your information would do so in accordance with the privacy policy.

We could also share your information with: (i) third parties that we use in helping to deliver our products along the services to you (for instance, payment service providers); (ii) other kind of third parties we use so that we can run our business (for instance, marketing agencies else website hosts); also (iii) the third parties that are approved by you (for instance, those social media site that you choose towards linking your account to or towards that third-party providers).

We would need all third parties to honour the security of your private data also to treat it in accordance with the legal jurisdictions. We don’t allow the third-party service providers so that they could use your personal data for their personal purposes and only allow them to help process your personal data for highly specific purposes also in accordance with our specific instructions.

We might use or even share the information that you provide to us in an event we are under a duty of disclosing or sharing your information so that we can comply to any kind of legal obligation alternately in order to bring into practice any kind of obligation against you or so that we can protect the rights of us also our affiliates. This could include the exchange of the information with several other organizations and companies towards fraud protection also prevention.

We might also need sharing certain personal information with some of our affiliates, third parties and subsidiaries (like the agents in real estate that utilize the website) or while restructuring of our work structure or business. Generally, personal information would be anonymized however, not always. Usually, the personal information would be anonymised however, this might not be always feasible. The receiver of such kind of personal information would be bound by the confidentiality obligations.

Why should we process

Your information would allow us to give you with access to certain specific parts of this Platform that is relevant to you also allow us to supply all the Service you need. We would use all your information towards the purpose of fulfilling all the service orders that you place, processing any other kind of transactions that are authorized or even made between you and us, that informs you about the special offers along with the other kind of marketing information to you which we feel may be of interest to you, undertaking customer development/research or services

Your information could be used by us so that we could contact you for your opinions regarding this platform, its Services and also our businesses, also to notify you about the developments and changes to the Services, platform also our business.

Information Disclosure

In such an unlikely event that one liquidator, receiver or administrator is appointed over our selves or all or a certain part of our assets that the insolvency partner could transfer your information to certain third-party buyer of the business on condition that the buyer undertakes of using your information for the similar kind of purposes as has been set out in the said policy. We undertake of not providing your personal information to the third parties if it is not in accordance with the existing policy.

Your information would not be disclosed to the local authorities or government or other governmental institutions save as would be required by the legal authorities or other kind of binding regulations.


We could sell one small file to your device or computer when you would visit our website (a “cookie”). This would enable us towards identifying your computer, track your behavior pattern on our website also to identify your specific interest areas so that your could enhance and personalise your experience in the said website.

In case you participate in or even enquire about any kind of referral or lead or similar kind of service that we may offer, we would use the information you submit, along with the other data we might possess or obtain through personal means or even from other sources, to understand which of the participating professionals of us may be willing , compatible and/or able to serve your possible interests or needs and also to assist them or things while doing so. We might share or forward information that is related to you, which could include such kind of information along with personal information acquired through our sign-up form or else to some of the professional(s). Those professionals or even their contractors, affiliates, agents, advertisers, or other designees may utilize such information also contact you about your needs or even possible interests, as might we ourselves. “Professional(s)” indicates companies, individuals, and other organizations or individuals who act as professionals in real estate or are otherwise engaged in any business that has relevance to the website.

Security Measures

We have successfully implemented our security policies, technical measures and rules towards protecting the personal data that we possess under our control from some unauthorized access, improper disclosure and use, accidental loss or unauthorized destruction.

We also have procedures in proper place that deals with any kind of suspected data breach. We would notify you and any kind of applicable authority or regulator applicable towards a suspected data security breach wherever we are legally required doing so.

You alone are responsible towards keeping your password and all other account information confidential. In case you have concerns regarding your account details, password, or you are suspicious regarding any kind of unauthorized account usage, you need to contact us immediately. We can suspend or deactivate your account any point in time.

Access to Our Information

You could ask as if we are storing your personal information through email at (email address?) and, in case you wish also on payment of a fee we have pre-decided upon, we would provide you with copy of the personal data we have in possession about you via email. We might ask for the proof of your identity prior to providing any kind of information also reserve the right to refusing to provide any kind of requested information if your identity isn’t established.

Request for Data Deletion

You could request that we should delete your personal information by sending us an email at (email address?). We would endeavour to comply to the deletion requests yet in certain circumstances we would be unable to delete any of your personal data as we could be required to maintain records and retain it for compliance, legal and/or regulatory reasons (and we might not be in a position to communicate the reasons why we are not able to delete such kind of data owing to the confidentiality obligations that we could be under). We may ask for proof of your identity prior to deleting any kind of information and we reserve every right to delete to refuse information in case your identity isn’t established. We would reserve the right of charging a fee in respect of any such kind of deletion request.

Payment Data

We would employ some third-party provider to process the credit card payments. They possess the access to personal information that is required to conduct their functions yet may not use them for other purposes. We don’t have access of or retain any sort of payment information of you.


In case you have any enquiries or concerns regarding our privacy policy or even the manner in which we handle personal data, kindly contact us at (email address?) . If at any point you wish that we cease from processing your information, kindly send a message to the admin department and place “unsubscribe” as your subject heading.

Updates towards the Policy

We would reserve the right to vary this policy frequently. Our policy that is updated would be displayed on our website, and continuing to access and use the platform, after such changes, you would agree to remain bound by all the variation that is made by us. It is completely your responsibility that you keep a check on this policy from time to time so that you could verify these kinds of variations.