In the bustling expat-filled streets of the UAE, staying connected with family and friends back home is essential. With the UAE’s robust internet infrastructure, staying in touch through video calls is both convenient and crucial. For those under family sponsorship, maintaining these connections becomes even more vital. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the safest and most reliable calling apps that ensure you’re always in touch, without violating any regulations. 

1. Botim: Your All-in-One Calling Solution 

Botim stands out as one of the most popular calling apps in the UAE. Not only does it enable crystal-clear voice and video calls within the UAE, but it also facilitates international connections. With its AES-256 encryption, you can enjoy fast, reliable, and secure calls. Plus, Botim offers a myriad of features, including group chats, bill payments, and even online shopping through Botim Stores. 

2. Go Chat Messenger: More Than Just Calls 

Developed by Etisalat, GoChat Messenger goes beyond basic calling functionalities. Along with voice and video calls, you can send photos, stickers, GIFs, and even plan events in group chats. It also allows instant money transfers, offers free games, and provides the latest news updates. 

3. Tawasal Super App: Connect Seamlessly 

Tawasal is a comprehensive super app that not only ensures free and secure calls but also enables group chats with up to 1000 participants. It offers features like instant group meetings, live sports broadcasts, and secure cloud storage. Tawasal keeps you synced across various devices, allowing effortless communication. 

4. Voico: Bridging Global Connections 

Voico specializes in unblocked video and voice calls to various countries, including India, Pakistan, Egypt, and the USA. It also offers instant translation of chats into 100+ languages and allows voice notes when you’re unavailable. With disappearing messages and an ad-free experience for paid subscribers, Voico is a top choice for expats. 

5. Comera: Simple, Secure, and Seamless 

Comera prides itself on simplicity. It offers unlimited free video and audio international calls with encrypted connections. Comera’s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to share media, engage in group chats, and even share your location effortlessly. 

6. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom: Professional and Personal 

While primarily used for professional settings, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom can also facilitate personal calls. Google Meet’s AI ensures clear audio and video quality, while Microsoft Teams offers secure chats, data encryption, and collaborative features. Zoom, with its interactive whiteboard and smart AI companion, enhances productivity during calls. 

In the UAE, it’s crucial to stay within the legal boundaries when using calling apps. As expats under family sponsorship, these reliable options ensure you can connect with your loved ones without any worries. So, choose the app that suits your needs best and keep those family bonds strong across borders.

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