Dubai is considered for its tourist appeal and residential investments, as well as for being a commercial center that attracts investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.   

Apart from this, the city is also considered a popular destination for those people who are seeking a lavish and thrilling lifestyle. Dubai as a city offers a lot to visitors, including historical landmarks, spectacular residential projects, breathtaking skyscrapers, endless commercial development prospects, and exciting nightlife.  

As Dubai today has business-friendly infrastructure and legislation, it has become a global center for commerce and entrepreneurial activities. If you are planning to start a business in Dubai or buy properties in Dubai then you must know which regions of the city have the finest portfolio of commercial properties, having knowledge of this might be invaluable for your company’s success.  

To help you with this, we have made a list of some of the most popular places in Dubai where you can buy commercial property! Let’s take a closer look.    

Top Areas to Purchase Commercial Properties in Dubai

Business Bay

The Business Bay is a region in Dubai that is located among spectacular high-rises and never-ending entertainment. It is a residential, commercial, as well as business center, which is in the South of the fashionable downtown Dubai.   

Residing here, you get a chance to participate in various events occurring on the city’s bustling streets.  The place offers stunning views of the Dubai cityscape and Dubai Creek.  

The glistening waters of the Dubai Canal and the easy commute to neighboring areas are one of the most appealing factors that attract people to purchase properties here.     

Business owners who travel regularly travel to Dubai literally appreciate the area’s handy location. It is the neighborhood is only a 15-minute drive from Dubai’s International Airport.  

Moreover, Business Bay sells a variety of commercial properties to investors, including office spaces, commercial floors, bulk units, and stores.  

If we look at the prices of offices here, then the average price per square foot for offices in Business Bay is AED 961.60, while the overall average price is AED 1.28M. Shops for sale here are a bit costlier at AED 1.5k, while the overall sales price comes at an average price of AED 2.5M.   

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers, which is worldwide called by the name JLT, is a popular mixed-use development in Dubai. It is a Dubai Multi Commodities Center project which is built around four man-made lakes and a parkland area.  

JLT is a pleasant community that carries various amenities. And hence, the region is a perfect neighborhood for families and individuals who wish to live near the buzzing Dubai Marina.  

JLT, just like Business Bay, has a diverse range of commercial properties for sale.  JLT is a free zone, and this fact makes it very much desirable in the emirate’s retail property market.  

Furthermore, entrepreneurs can profit from the convenience of doing business with other companies while also being in a prominent metropolitan region in the city. The neighborhood is also self-sufficient because a metro station and multiple banks serve it.  

In the JLT area of Dubai, you will find a diverse range of some of the greatest commercial properties for sale.  It includes offices, commercial floors, stores, and more. The accessibility of residential developments in the JLT area contributes to the attractiveness of investing in commercial real estate in this location.    

If we look at the prices of offices in the JLT area, then the price per square foot here for sale comes to AED 802.30. The typical sales cost for the said properties remains at AED 1M. 

In the JLT area, you will also find shops for sale at an average price of AED 1.37k per sq.ft with sales prices at AED 1.82M on average.  

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is that portion of Dubai, which was earlier considered a satellite district and is often regarded as Mina Jebel Ali. It is a place that is constantly developing neighborhood and is gradually acquiring importance.  

In Jebel Ali, you will find mixed-use development that includes the development of commercial, industrial, retail, recreational, and housing components.  

The best part of Jebel Ali is that it has Jebel Ali port, which is the world’s biggest man-made port, JAFZA, a designated industrial zone, Palm Jebel Ali, and Jebel Ali Village.  In addition to this, you will also find numerous temples and churches in this area.  

The neighborhood of Jebel Ali is also important to the emirates’ industrial life because it is primarily a huge commercial port and business center situated close to Dubai Marina. It’s the world’s largest marine port in the middle east and is also the world’s ninth busiest port.  

Moreover, the growth of the Jebel Ali Free Zone contributes to approximately 23% of Dubai’s GDP.  JAFZA at present is home to about 7000 businesses engaged in trade, logistics, manufacturing, and numerous other industrial and service industries.  

Hence, if you have a business in manufacturing, logistics, or trading, then you can invest in the commercial properties of Jebel Ali, and this would prove to be a wise decision later.    

At present, the price here at Jebel Ali per square foot for warehouses for sale is AED 177.71 with an overall cost of AED 10 M.  

International City

International City in Dubai is the best option for those looking for homes at an affordable price in Dubai or are looking to buy properties in Dubai.  This place is a popular choice for several people living in Dubai. Buildings here are separated into 10 clusters.  

International City has all the amenities to provide its people with a relaxed and calm lifestyle. It’s also an ideal place for commercial properties too and offers shops and offices to buy.   

International City is near the Ras Al Khor industrial area. It’s a marketplace for those willing to get their work close to their home. It’s a small hub but it is worth purchasing commercial property here.  

People looking to purchase shops for sale here can expect to pay AED 749.97 per sq. Ft. in International City. The sale price for these properties comes to an average price of AED 445K.  

AI Quoz

Another well-known area to purchase commercial properties in Dubai is AI Quoz. Although the area’s commercial district is full of factories and warehouses, buyers can even find offices and shops.  

Additionally, AI Quoz is considered a good source for rental commercial plots. It is one of the largest commercial districts in Dubai. 

People residing in AI Quoz Industrial Areas are mainly those working in companies and other commercial areas close by. The community facilitates the staff with a well-managed infrastructure.  

As far as the properties are concerned, one can find offices for rent in the Al Quoz Industrial Area. These properties may span around 350 square feet and come at an average cost of AED 25k for rent.  

Most warehouses for rent in AI Quoz industrial area are already occupied, but one can still find reasonable units covering around 2800 square feet of space. These warehouses come at a cost of around AED 83K, per annum. 

Some warehouses for sale in Al Quoz are also available for an average of AED 342.36 square feet and come at a sales price of around AED 8.9 M. At present, Al Quoz is considered one of the top areas to rent warehouses in Dubai.  


The above-mentioned commercial areas are the top five areas in Dubai for commercial properties. However, before purchasing any property for business or residence you must make sure you know the best location and neighborhoods. Then only it will make your investment worth.  

Buying commercial properties in Dubai is an easy thing, provided you have complete details about the area, your business needs, and the facilities the city offers, the rest of the other things are easily manageable.

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