Keeping our living or working environment clean and healthy is vital for overall well-being and productivity. We frequently hear the words like “Regular Cleaning” and “Deep Cleaning.” Although both methods aim to maintain cleanliness, they differ significantly in their approaches. 

A clear understanding of these variances is essential for making informed decisions regarding the appropriate level of cleanliness needed for particular tasks. 

Defining the two terms is essential to understand why home cleaning is over professional Cleaning. Several top cleaning companies in Dubai offer both services.  

Regular Cleaning 

A standard house cleaning—or basic or regular cleaning—consists of all the tasks you should do regularly to keep your house fresh and well-organized. 

The primary purpose of regular cleaning is to maintain a certain level of cleanliness that meets your standards on a day-to-day basis. 

Generally, regular house cleanings will cost you less when compared to deep cleanings. However, since regular cleaning is more about maintenance, it’s usually done based on a schedule.  

For instance, regular cleaning service can be done every two weeks or once a month, depending on your needs. While hiring a cleaning company to do regular cleaning is possible, it costs less than deep cleaning. 

Regular Cleaning usually involves  

  • Cleaning tasks such as sweeping floors 
  • Cleaning and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets 
  • Wiping the dust from surfaces, appliances, and fixtures 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom 
  • Wiping of Mirrors and windows 
  • Cleaning doors, window frames, dusting vents 
  • Emptying the trash can and removing cobwebs 
  • Bed making 

Deep Cleaning 

Regular Cleaning is different from Deep Cleaning. The level of detail is where the primary distinction lies. Thorough Cleaning entails extra work. So, more time and attention are required to complete a certain task.  

Another noteworthy difference between Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning is the price. Deep cleans are always more expensive than regular home cleaning and take longer. While regular cleaning is for cleanliness upkeep, deep cleaning is much more extensive than your standard weekly clean. 

Deep cleaning services involve thorough attention to the frequently missed and challenging-to-reach areas. Deep Cleaning can be done to prepare your space for guests if you’re hosting an event or party. If you plan to sell your old house, deep Cleaning is necessary for staging and improving the appearance of your property to potential purchasers. 

While a regular cleaning supports the overall health of your living environment, a deep clean takes it to a whole other level, often including vacuuming the air vents. If you need professional deep cleaning services in Dubai, our company offers top-notch solutions to ensure your space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

Deep Cleaning House Checklist 

If you order a deep cleaning for your entire home, it will likely take longer than a regular cleaning service. It requires more effort because it requires extensive, comprehensive work. 


Regular Cleaning includes your shower, vanity, mirror, and toilet cleaning. 

When you go for deep cleaning services , it includes: 

  • Scrubbing floors 
  • Disinfecting wastebaskets 
  • Removing soap scum and limescale from fixtures 
  • Deep cleaning baseboards and door frames 
  • Cleaning inside vanities and medicine cabinets 
  • Disinfecting knobs 
  • Cleaning around the toilet base 
  • Deep cleaning shower doors, curtains, and crevices 

It’s essential to know that deep cleaning the bathroom doesn’t just make it look clean but also removes potentially harmful bacteria. Deep Cleaning leaves your bathroom sparkling and sanitized.  


Another area that is susceptible to dirtiness is the kitchen. Your cabinets and appliances may become dirty due to food splatters and grease. Regular weekly Cleaning likely includes tidying up your countertops, wiping down all visible surfaces, and cleaning the floor. 

Deep Clean for a kitchen includes: 

  • Scrubbing the area around and under appliances 
  • Cleaning the interior of your microwave, refrigerator, and oven 
  • Cleaning of the interior range hood and filters 
  • Sanitizing cabinets 
  • Removing the grout from backsplashes or countertop lines 
  • Refrigerator coil cleaning 
  • Small kitchen appliances should be cleaned and disinfected. 
  • Arranging and cleaning the interior of closets and drawers 
  • Sanitizing switches and knobs 
  • Deep Cleaning makes sure that any grease and food leftovers are eliminated 

Having a professional cleaning agency take care of those things makes it easier on you because they can be challenging to remove when they accumulate. 

General Spaces 

General space cleaning includes organizing things and arranging, cleaning floors, and wiping down surfaces. 

  • Scrubbing the base of furniture 
  • Cleaning of Ceiling fans and light fixtures 
  • Washing and vacuuming the upholstery 
  • Washing the blinds 
  • Dusting racks 
  • Cleaning of Garbage cans and other surfaces  
  • Cleaning the lampshades 
  • Cleaning of Baseboards, window frames, and door frames  
  • Cleaning the vent covers 
  • Window tracks and sills cleaning 
  • Cleaning the walls 
  • Cleaning gaps and the corners of walls  
  • Furnishings polishing 

Maintaining your common areas with routine weekly cleaning is simple once you’ve cleaned your common areas. Such places don’t typically become as filthy as quickly because they don’t have access to food or water like the kitchen and bathroom. 

It’s also important to choose reputable professional deep cleaners. Deep clean some elements/places in your home with the help of state-of-the-art appliances.  

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: Which is Right for You? 

When it’s your first time, scheduling a deep clean is always a good idea. Right after, you can hire them to perform regular cleaning weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – it’s up to you. 

Summing up everything we have discussed above, deep cleaning refers to the in-depth cleaning of a place, including the areas that are generally ignored during routine cleaning. 

For instance, the areas under the sink or behind appliances like the washing machine, refrigerator, inside of the vents, oven and window frames, etc., should be cleaned during regular cleaning tasks. 

This is why it’s crucial to deep clean your place at least once in a few months to ensure overall cleaning and safety. 

Factors that differentiate Deep Cleaning from Regular Cleaning  

Cleaning frequency 

While regular Cleaning is done daily or at least weekly, deep Cleaning is done at most once a month or year. 

Type of place 

 Journal cleaning is done at home, office, and other places not highly prone to dirt, dust, and similar things. 

On the other hand, deep Cleaning is preferred for places susceptible to dust & dirt and where health safety is essential. 


 The primary purpose of regular Cleaning is to keep the place clean and free of dust/dirt and to make the place look neat. Deep after builders cleaning, however, is done to remove deep-stuck dirt, stains, bacteria, etc. 

Deep Cleaning includes cleaning everything in a place, including less-accessible areas such as vents, behind heavy machines, carpets, etc. In comparison, regular cleaning covers dusting and mopping or wiping only visible areas and surfaces. 

Regarding finding the best cleaning company in Dubai, our reputable service stands out for its exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. 


1. What is Deep Cleaning?  

 Deep Cleaning is an intensive and thorough process that targets areas and surfaces often overlooked in regular Cleaning. 

2. How is Deep Cleaning different from Regular Cleaning?

Unlike regular cleaning, deep cleaning goes beyond surface-level Cleaning and removes dirt, grime, and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas and hidden corners. 

3. When should I opt for Deep Cleaning? 

Deep Cleaning is for periodic maintenance or to tackle issues like post-construction cleanup, moving in or out of a property, or addressing excessive dirt buildup. 

4. How often should I schedule Deep Cleaning?  

The frequency of deep cleaning depends on factors such as the size of your space, foot traffic, and specific cleaning needs. Generally, it is recommended to schedule deep cleaning at least once or twice in 6 months for optimal results. 

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